Special Products

Looking for something different?  Due to Peernet’s national footprint and reputation as industry leaders, we are able to secure deals with non industry Suppliers to get early or exclusive access to sell certain products.  Take a look at some of our recent finds…


Lumo Lift

Lumo Lift is a small, lightweight wearable device that you affix on your clothing right below your collarbone to track your daily activity and improve your posture. Lumo Lift provides discreet vibrational feedback when you slouch to gently remind you to sit tall and maintain great posture. The device pairs with a free iOS, Android or Windows desktop app to allow you to view your progress and gain actionable insights on your behavior. Lift measures the amount of time you spend in strong, confident posture, how many steps you take, the number of calories you have burnt and distance traveled.




The award-winning Luci® family of patented inflatable solar lanterns is infinitely versatile. More convenient and sustainable than flash lights! Safer and brighter than candles and kerosene lanterns!

Celluon Epic

Epic projects a fixed keyboard pattern onto any flat and opaque surface in a safe form of laser. Typing is almost effortless. Added mouse feature tracks your natural movements and may reduce stress on your hands.