Peernet is a strategic alliance of promotional product distributors, working together, to provide the most advanced technology, product decoration, fulfillment and service to their expansive network of clients.

Remarkable Relationships

Our clients trust us with their name and their brands…big brands, new brands, cool brands, iconic brands, even re-brands!

Elite Distributor Network

The level of trust in our relationships is why Peernet has built a superior network of distributor companies, with a collective team of over 400 sales associates, who are sharing knowledge and best practices daily to bring the greatest value to our clients.

Best in Class Supplier Partners

With our client’s brand entrusted to us, we have made sure we have vetted, selected, and partnered with over 40 of the industry’s best in class Suppliers. With our strong relationships with these Suppliers we are able to offer our clients the best product in every category, innovative product, quick turnaround, and a dedication to product safety and social compliance.

Exploring Together

Many companies hire consultants when they need advice, expertise, leadership, and objectivity. Peernet’s greatest strength is our shared knowledge. When we created Peernet, we proved the concept of synergy–indeed, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. And it’s not just us, but our clients who benefit!

Best Practices

Peernet is made up of some of the best Distributors in the industry. Our Principal owners share business concepts and models with one another, our Distributor CIOs brainstorm on how to build and implement new technology tools for our clients, and our Marketing Directors collaborate on creative campaigns that build stronger brands. Together, we define industry best practices which make us stronger individually and as a whole.

Product Innovation

With 400+ sales people nationwide, and a dedicated team of Supplier partners, Peernet sales teams are constantly looking for and sharing information on innovative products, new decoration styles, and creative packaging options. We are often approached by entrepreneurs and retail suppliers and often get to be the first to introduce new product to the promotional industry.

Growing Value

Peernet’s $350 million purchasing power translates to aggressively competitive pricing and exceptional service from  carefully selected supplier partners. We are one of the industry’s largest buying powers.  Peernet members can consistently bring our clients three tangible advantages:

  • Preferred lead times
  • Continuous availability of Peernet products
  • Unsurpassed price to value

We are always focused on our clients’ return-on-investment.


Exclusive Products

Peernet suppliers offer you access to in-demand products not available to other promotional product distributors.

Preferred Lead Times

Because we’re part of Peernet, suppliers fast-forward our clients’ orders to the head of their production lines.

Front-of-the-line Availability

As a Peernet member, our clients get first dibs on supplier inventories.

Fresh Ideas

Search our sophisticated online catalog with over 40,000 items by category, price, or keyword.

Endless Product Selection

Manufacturing partners offer Peernet members access to every major product group.

Lower Prices

With Peernet’s annual purchasing power in excess of $350 million, you benefit from the lowest product acquisition costs in the industry.

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